Welcome! Welcome to the first edition of the Excellence in Eyecare blog. We hope you will become a regular reader and contributor to this unique digital community.

At least once a month, the blog will propose a timely subject related to the fields of medicine, the advances in vision care, and controversies in healthcare including its provision, accessibility and financing. All is fair game.

New topics will stem from the contributions of our readers and patients. If you choose to participate, we will not abuse the privilege of your involvement by selling contact information to third-party firms or other such devious actions. 

We want to hear from our readership. What would you like to see in future editions. Suggestions might range from the impact of Obamacare to the exciting news emanating from the University of Pittsburgh’s Vision Restoration Conference. Much like a newspaper’s editorial page or hospital newsletter but infinitely more flexible, this space offers the opportunity to democratically voice your opinion on subjects involving your vision and health. For our part, we hope to learn what is important to our community by listening, a talent seemingly lost in the new world of healthcare provision. We can then serve you better.

We reserve the right to censor any contributions deemed inappropriate or demeaning to our readers. Disagreement is fine as long as it doesn’t get personal. The goal? To learn, to educate, to provoke critical thinking and to offer a chance to be heard. It is your soapbox to make of it what you will.

We are anxious to hear from you. The blog’s theme will change at least monthly. I enjoy writing and have been published in ophthalmology’s prominent journals, all the region’s newspapers, the AMANews, the Wall Street Journal, even Sports Illustrated. My monthly essay is published in one of Ophthalmology’s leading periodicals, “EyeWorld” published by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Next month’s topic? A recap of the remarkable research efforts in the fight against the loss of vision. We hope that you will become a regular reader.